Developing Teams


Team Coaching

All groups of people have the capacity to become teams. Team coaching is the Art of Facilitating the Performance, Learning and Development of people together. We work with people in teams both individually and collectively to enable greater understanding between team members, generating a collective vision and improving efficiency.


We provide expert facilitation for teams in-house and on away-days. This can cover anything from improving relations between team members to Business Planning and developing a Strategic Vision.

Action Learning

Action Learning is particularly effective for developing groups of peers. This can be done within a single organisation, for example with the Executive Team or across organisations, for example with Chief Executives.

360 Degree Feedback

We provide customised 360 degree feedback for teams and groups of people participating in a coaching programme. 360 degree feedback is a really good way to gain a greater understanding of yourself and your colleagues. 


We provide one-day courses for managers on Coaching Skills. This covers an introduction to coaching, what makes a good coach, the manager as coach and use of coaching models.

Bespoke Programme

We will work with you to design a programme to improve the efficiency of your teams in planning meetings, setting agendas and being clear about outcomes. Our bespoke approach includes working with top teams within organisations to enable the key decision-makers to work together collaboratively in order to develop a more strategic approach to leadership and management. The programme is designed to run internally with an external facilitator / coach.

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