About Nick Cromwell


Hello and welcome.

I am a Coach, Coach Supervisor, Trainer and Facilitator.

I have a varied and in many ways unconventional background. I have undertaken many different jobs over my life. In everything I have done, I have found myself to be most interested in people.

Many years ago, I worked closely with recovering drug users and I became really fascinated by how different people are able to use their potential in different ways. This led me to study Individual Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Coaching.

At first, I studied these things simply because I was curious. I never intended to make them my profession. Then, following a series of fortuitous coincidences, I was asked to coach a sales and marketing team at an international information technology company. This was back in 2002 and to be honest, I didn’t really know what this would be like.

However, I quickly discovered that I was able to ask people insightful questions to enable them to achieve a deeper level of understanding of both themselves and their colleagues. This led the people I was working with to make positive changes that had real impact.

Today, I continue to be motivated by the relationships I am able to build with other people and those that people are able to build with me.