Hazel Russo

Hazel Russo



Hazel has been coaching professionally for over 16 years and has worked with executives, leaders and professionals from a wide range of industries and sectors. Clients include individuals and teams in the energy, finance, IT, health, education and voluntary sectors. She is also a Coaching Supervisor and an experienced facilitator and Action Learning Practitioner.

Hazel enjoys working with people who are ready to engage in the types of powerful conversations that make a difference – to them and the people around them. Her style is quiet yet powerful – playful yet insightful – and not without challenge as she cuts to the heart of whatever issue her clients present.

Hazel has always been interested in what makes people tick and originally graduated in mathematics with psychology. Following this she worked in a number of national policy roles before pursuing her interests in coaching and people development.

Hazel qualified with distinction at Coaching and Mentoring International, she is an Accredited Professional Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching and holds an ILM Level 7 qualification in Coaching Supervision. She takes part in a wide range of coaching development activities and she facilitates the Association’s Central London Co-coaching Forum. She is the designer of the Lumination © Coaching Tool.

People work with Hazel because they trust her. She is known for the deep sensitivity she brings to her work and for the power of her listening.

“Hazel is a brilliant coach – insightful, energetic, perceptive and fun. She is hard-wired to bring out the very best in people so that they can truly shine and be the best they can be.” – MD, retail sector