Rosemary Sandham

Rosemary Sandham



Rosemary Sandham has over 26 years combined experience in business and consultancy, including working at board level and as a chief executive. She is a Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Person-Centred Counsellor, Reflective Practitioner and Action Learning Facilitator.

Rosemary possesses the three core executive coaching competencies including extensive business experience, high level coaching skills and an understanding of the psychological perspective. Having experienced the benefits of mindfulness while leading organisations, Rosemary has increasingly focused on bringing mindfulness into companies.

Rosemary’s value to organisations is her keen understanding of the challenges of leadership with the objective perspective of an outsider. She understands the specific pressures, challenges, politics and the satisfaction of achievement.

Rosemary helps people become inspirational leaders who deliver high quality services for their clients. Change management, including mergers, partnership working, conflict resolution and creating effective and high performing teams are other areas where she has successfully worked with numerous clients.

Rosemary has a particular interest in helping people develop their internal leader, to access their own resources and examine their inner thinking, identifying and helping decrease limiting self beliefs and recognising the importance of internal dialogue which is supportive and liberating.

“I’ve learnt techniques to calm myself and focus. I have also realised that most of the time at work I am on auto-pilot and I’m trying to change and become more aware. I am sharing what I have learnt with colleagues and members of my team.” – Manager, Housing Association.