What is Coaching?


Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another.

Coaching enables individuals to maximise their full potential in their professional, business and personal lives, helping organisations and those within organisations to achieve goals and move beyond expectations.

Nick Cromwell, Professional Coach, Development Consultant and founder of Nick Cromwell Coaching is a skilled coach and works at all levels within corporations and privately with individuals and teams. He has particular expertise in Executive and Management coaching and Leadership Development. 

Nick specialises in:

•  Improving Performance 

•  Goal setting
•  Time-management
•  Personal development
•  People skills and client relations

•  Increasing Motivation 

•  Work-life balance
•  Stress relief
•  Productivity
•  Managing emotions

•  Staff Management and Supervision 

•  Conflict resolution
•  Target setting
•  Managing change
•  Communication

Coaching works. It is highly effective both in the workplace through Business Coaching and in our personal lives through Lifecoaching. Coaching has become the intervention skill of choice for businesses and individuals.